Nima Air Conditioning Company started its operations in 2009 with the technical ability of its team. Due to the lack of world-class technology among domestic manufacturers and more and more maneuvering of colorful Chinese brands, etc., using this space, production in accordance with world-class standards, with the highest quality, the highest efficiency, the use of The best parts and adherence to the principles of engineering and design were on the agenda of the company, and honesty has always been at the top of all the affairs. As the market in our country is very smart and accurate, Nima Air conditioning products quickly find their customers and open their doors to the market.
After the first cooperation with the company, our customers immediately became friends, and as a member of this group, our company continues to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of our products and to this end, we are working hard on the way. Getting a very rich resume for a very short time, of course, is in competition with the world's best brands and the best domestic manufacturers. Nima is also a competitor for rivals
Successful presence in the largest construction projects of the country, the construction of the largest air-conditioning chiller in the country, an unrivaled presence in the production of special machines for clean rooms (Clean Room all thanks to God's grace, honesty in all sectors, the efforts of loved ones in the factory and The trust of our compatriots in this regard also has not been abandoned to any of these services. In many cases, Nima Ventilation has provided solely as a consultant and not a salesperson, providing technical services, and teaching and consulting the country. It is hoped that this day one would be exporting to the overseas country and a step, though small but worthy of attention, on the way to Omran and Abadan We played this land.

Why is Nima Ventilation? v efficiency Nima Company was the first vendor in Iran to manufacture the screw compressor for its higher efficiency. The use of highly intelligent and advanced control panels (PLCs), electronic expansion valves (EXVs) and plate transducers (B.P.H.E) are among the other leverage for increasing efficiency.

Intelligent control system Nima's manufactured NIMA Ventilation units are standard equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) control panel. Danfoss is the Danish subsidiary of the Danish subsidiary (PLC), and its up-date software is also available through the Internet. It also has the ability to connect to all types of energy management networks (BMS), and is able to control and monitor all of the data remotely.

v Reduce casualties

Any loss of heat or refrigeration from parts of the cycle that are responsible for another, or producing shock, vibration, or Noise anywhere from the system means energy losses. Nima Ventilation Designs are always designed to help minimize the cost of these casualties with the help of specific details and experience of the team for many years to come.


v Environmental compatibility It has been observed that temperatures outside the ambient air are very comfortable in comfort zone, while inside space it is necessary to turn on the cooling system - for example, early spring and autumn. In addition, in the industry, with permanent equipment working all year round, it should produce cold, in the midst of a season in which the outside air cools the trusts, they have to be switched on and consumed. In order to meet this need, a cycle called Free Cooling was invented to make the cold out of the least cost and with the least contamination without having to start the compressor. Nima Air Conditioning Company is proud to have launched the Free Cooling Cycle. Of course, the Free Cooling Technique is a new debate in Iran, but it is still in place everywhere in the world.


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